Below you'll find a sample of my work from 2007-2008. Adobe Photoshop was my weapon of choice for all of these.

Are we there yet?

I don't remember how this image came about but I know it was one of those nights where I couldn't sleep. I took a Google Maps image of my then girlfriends house, added some scan lines, generated clouds, added a couple of Jolly Rogers, and (pardon the pun) BOOM! Upon reflection I would add more detail by adding a GUI to the satellite that's supposed to be viewing this.

The Fox & the Fowl.

This image originally started out as diorama of a fox chasing a duck (both dead & stuffed) and through a process of filters and other things, I arrived @ this.

God save the Queen pt.1

This is part 1 of 2...

Got the idea from my sergeant who like to say "God Save the Queen" a lot so this image popped in my head. Chose George Bush cause he's such an icon in today's society... In both good and bad ways. Now that I think about it, Paris Hilton or that other crazy Lohan would have been a good choice because of their 'iconic" status.

I want to know what kind of feelings this image invokes in you. and of course how I, as an artist can do better...please see both images then make a finale comment.

Done in PS CS2. on and off for a week. skull provided by Aleuranthropy. M4 rifle provided by Link: groovy vector art Tut
George bush, Tiara, & queen Elizabeth were googled.
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