*Premise for untitled game

The premise of this game is selfless service. That is, to give without expecting a reward. There are many people today who volunteer their time to help the cause of another. These people seek no reward save for the satisfaction of knowing that they contributed to someone else’s cause.  The act of helping is the reward. In our game a Karma point system is used as a “reward”. Great risk, great reward.
The Player earns Karma by taking on missions that involve helping others characters/creatures. Karma can be both positive and negative. *This changes the players’ perception of the world. Say for example, a player that was accumulating positive karma points decides to go the opposite and accumulate negative points. Well a change occurs in the game where the once “bad” looking guys actually start to look “good” and vice versa. More tools that destroy instead of create become part of their arsenal.
All missions are open at the start of the game. However, the missions that require a lot of Karma points are more difficult. Again, great risk great reward... *edited for length.